The Five Most Common Interview Faux Pas

How you perform in job interviews is arguably the most important factor in determining whether or not you secure the job you want. 

  1. Being unprepared
    Arriving late with no CV and knowing nothing about the company or the role could seal your fate!
  2. Leaving your mobile phone switched on
    If you forget to switch it off and it rings during the interview, DON’T ANSWER IT!
  3. Speaking negatively about previous employers or roles
    Nobody wants to listen to such negativity – it could come across as sour grapes. If you need to discuss reasons for leaving previous employers, do it constructively.
  4. Being too familiar with the interviewer
    Whilst it’s important for you to be charismatic and confident, and demonstrate your interpersonal skills, the way you conduct yourself at interview must remain professional.
  5. Smoking immediately prior to the interview
    You may not notice, but others may.

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